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IOM Equips Two Health Centres in Sana’a to Boost Essential Healthcare Support

30 April 2024

Sana’a, Yemen

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has recently provided crucial assistance to two major health facilities in Sana’a. Funded by USAID’s Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA), this intervention aims to improve access to healthcare for over 200,000 people residing near Hani Tawamr Hospital in Maeen District and Bani Hawat Health Centre in Bani Al-Harith District.

One of the two health facilities supported is Hani Tawamr Hospital, which was recently designated by the Ministry of Public Health as a Diarrhoea Treatment Centre (DTC) to address the cholera outbreak reported across several governorates, including Sana’a. Responding swiftly, IOM significantly expanded its support to the hospital, furnishing the DTC with essential medicines, medical supplies, staff support, and hygiene interventions, greatly enhancing the hospital’s outbreak management capacity.

“Reequipping these two health facilities in Sana’a represents a critical step towards addressing the urgent healthcare needs of communities in Yemen,” declared Matt Huber, IOM’s Acting Chief of Mission in Yemen. “By enhancing access to health care services, we aim to alleviate the strain on the healthcare system in conflict-affected areas, ensuring that even amidst adversity, essential medical care remains within reach for those who need it most.”

As Yemen enters its tenth year of conflict, the need for healthcare support has become increasingly urgent. Only half of the health facilities are operational, with many facing significant challenges such as staff shortages, insufficient supplies and equipment, financial constraints, and power disruptions due to fuel shortages.

An estimated 17.8 million people across the country require medical assistance and access to healthcare services. This dire situation places immense strain on the few functioning healthcare facilities that remain operational amidst the ongoing turmoil.

Situated in densely populated areas, the Bani Hawat Health Centre struggles to meet the healthcare needs of some of the most vulnerable populations in the district, including displaced individuals. Prior to IOM’s intervention, this health facility had not received aid from any other organization.

Meanwhile, Hani Tawamr Hospital benefited from crucial equipment upgrades and new furnishings, enhancing its capacity to accommodate more patients and deliver quality healthcare services. Earlier this year, a fire broke out at the hospital due to an electrical short circuit, causing damage to the on-site generator and nearby structures. In light of this emergency, IOM promptly provided a replacement power generator, ensuring the hospital’s continued access to electricity.

Through the project, both facilities received a comprehensive package including medicines, medical supplies, equipment, furniture, capacity-building for healthcare workers, maintenance support, and staff incentives. These provisions will enable the facilities to deliver essential primary healthcare services to local communities, including medical consultations, free medication, mental health and psychosocial support, and health awareness programmes.

This assistance serves as a lifeline, enabling the health facilities to operate fully during two shifts and offer a comprehensive range of services. With the addition of newly recruited medical staff, specialized consultations for childhood and maternal healthcare needs became available, alleviating the strain on public hospitals due to overcrowding.


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