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IOM Rehabilitates Humanitarian Hub in Ta’iz to Enhance Access and Support

01 February 2024


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has established a humanitarian hub in Ta’iz, in southwestern Yemen, to enhance access to critical services and support vulnerable communities in the region.

Endorsed by local authorities and supported by the Yemen Humanitarian Fund, the hub will serve as a secure operational base for humanitarian partners, facilitating their efforts to address urgent needs in Ta’iz.

“The establishment of the humanitarian hub in Ta’iz marks a significant milestone in our commitment to supporting vulnerable communities in Yemen,” said IOM Yemen’s Acting Chief of Mission, Matt Huber. “This initiative not only enhances access to critical services but also signifies a collaborative effort towards sustainable development and resilience-building in the region,” he added.

For over three years, IOM has been providing crucial services to displaced communities in Ta’iz governorate, responding to the effects of nearly a decade of conflict. The region faces significant challenges, including a water crisis, collapsed healthcare systems, and limited access to humanitarian assistance.

IOM serves around 10,000 people across 13 sites for internally displaced persons (IDPs); thus, the establishment of the hub is crucial for ensuring their access to multisectoral services and facilitating humanitarian operations. Through this intervention, IOM seeks to scale up its support and help communities recover and rebuild amidst these challenging circumstances.

Through its ongoing Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) activities, site maintenance, establishment of community groups, and implementation of effective community feedback mechanisms, IOM has been able to foster a supportive environment for displaced populations in Ta’iz.

Women empowerment initiatives across eight IOM-managed sites have engaged 200 women in on-the-job training and literacy activities, while 170 youths have participated in sports programmes across 10 sites. Ongoing flood reduction efforts and infrastructure enhancements in 12 sites have bolstered resilience, complemented by school rehabilitation projects promoting coexistence between displaced and host communities.

Furthermore, based on community assessments, IOM continues to implement Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) projects in five districts across Ta’iz, benefiting thousands with improved access to clean water and sanitation facilities.

Strategic interventions, including solarization and rehabilitation of pumping stations, alongside water supply station upgrades, have enhanced access for over 120,000 beneficiaries, mitigating longstanding challenges.

As Ta'iz grapples with prolonged conflict that has devastated healthcare infrastructure, leaving many communities without access to essential services, IOM, alongside partners, implements comprehensive health programmes ensuring vulnerable populations have access to critical services. From constructing and rehabilitating health facilities to operating mobile medical clinics, IOM focuses on delivering essential care and implementing preventative measures.

To ensure the sustainability of this intervention, IOM will also explore a cost sharing mechanism amongst the partners using the hub. This mechanism will follow the same formula used in other UN Hubs to support a stable environment for this important operational platform. The establishment of the humanitarian hub aligns with IOM’s broader efforts to expand humanitarian access, integrate durable solutions, and address critical needs in the region.


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