Press Release


26 November 2023


This first World Sustainable Transport Day reminds us that the road to a better future depends on cleaner and greener transportation systems.

Transportation represents the world’s circulatory system, delivering people and goods across countries and around the world, creating jobs, and supporting prosperity.

But it is also fueling climate chaos.

The transport sector is responsible for approximately one quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions. Ninety-one percent of the energy used in motorized transport on land, sea and air is derived from fossil fuels.

This makes the sector one of the most difficult to decarbonize.

But I am convinced humanity is up to the challenge of breaking our addiction to climate-killing fossil fuels, and creating resilient, efficient and low-carbon transportation systems grounded in innovative renewable energy sources.

From electric and solar-powered vehicles, to renewable aviation fuel sources, to massive investments in green public transportation systems, to measures like carbon pricing and subsidies for low-carbon fuels, we can steer our societies towards a cleaner and more sustainable path for people and planet.

There is no time to waste. Let’s get moving.

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