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Embarking on a New Professional Journey: Yemenis Receive Small Business Training and Grants

20 December 2021

Caption: Filling in an application to join project's activities by one of the female participants
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Together, the Government of Japan, UNDP and For All Foundation are supporting Yemenis in Aden and Lahj to build new skills and generate stable incomes.

Aden, Yemen, 19 December 2021 -- With funding from the Government of Japan, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and its local partner, For All Foundation (FAF), began the distribution of 1,000 financial grants to Yemenis in Aden and Lahj -- including 500 women. The US$ 800 grants will enable recipients to establish their own small businesses and achieve a sustainable income.

Prior to grant distribution, recipients were employed through cash-for-work to rehabilitate 10 safe spaces in Aden and Lahj, earning critical income that allowed them to purchase necessities for their families. Recipients then participated in business management training, helping build their knowledge in financial planning and asset management.

"Small businesses are the heart of local economy and UNDP supports them to strive and thrive," says Arvind Kumar, UNDP Project Manager. "They also help reduce Yemen's high unemployment rate and provide critical services to communities."

The recipients of the grants will cover a range of service sectors including electrical and home appliance maintenance, fisheries, car mechanics, baking, food-processing, and handloom and textiles.

"This grant will enable me to open a shop where people can arrange the repair of their solar systems or the installation of new ones. The high demand for solar power systems has created new opportunities for sustainable energy and sustainable incomes," says Al Bara'a, a grant recipient.

Throughout the distribution process, all the recipients will have access to psychosocial support sessions to ensure their mental health and well-being and to build the confidence as they embark on a new professional and personal journey.\ \ With funding from the Government of Japan, UNDP's Building Resilient Livelihoods and Improving Protection Services for Conflict Affected Communities in Aden and Lahj (BRISCC) project targets the communities most affected by the ongoing conflict in Aden and Lahj. The key areas of focus include: (a) identification of needs and opportunities for affected communities to return to normal; (b) restoration of disrupted livelihoods for the crisis-affected population; and (c) strengthening of community-based protection mechanisms with a focus on women and youth.\

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Embarking on a New Professional Journey: Yemenis Receive Small Business Training and Grants

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