Japan grants $4 million to promote access to quality education in Yemen

  • At least 135,000 Yemeni children will gain access to basic education.

The Government of Japan has provided US$ 4 million to UNICEF to promote access to quality learning for at least 135,000 children in Yemen over a period of three years. The grant will also support at least 3,000 teachers in delivering quality education.

Nearly 2 million children are out of school in Yemen, including almost half a million who dropped out since the conflict escalated in March 2015.

 “More than ever, children in Yemen need immediate assistance. The education of children in Yemen is on the edge. Children out of school are at increased risk of violence, abuse and exploitation with potential profound effect on their future.”, said Philippe Duamelle, UNICEF Representative to Yemen.” This contribution from the people and Government of Japan is crucial in ensuring children do not miss out on their education and become the future productive citizens that Yemen needs”.

The three-year grant, will be used to:

  • Provide a total of 135,000 children with school bags.
  • Promote a safe learning environment through awareness-raising campaign using a range of media targeting schools, children, teachers and school community members with messages related to the importance of education and staying in school, especially for girls and out-of-school children, and other topics such as the importance of hygiene.
  • Train 3,000 teachers to on the use of materials tailored for blended learning in the COVID-19 context.

Since 2016, the Government of Japan has donated more than $39 million to support the education of children in Yemen. This latest contribution comes as a major boost to the efforts of UNICEF and partners aiming to support and improve the education of children across the country tethering from the consequences of a conflict which is threatening all aspects of a child’s life.


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