World Water Day: What Does it Mean to You?

Water is essential for life. On 22 March, we celebrate the value of water – not just for drinking, but for sanitation, hygiene, and household activities.

In Yemen, one of the world’s most water scarce countries, rural communities suffer from limited access to clean water. In some areas, it is predicted that entire communities will become dry within a few short years.

For many rural Yemeni’s water means travelling long distances – sometimes several times a day – just to keep their families clean, fed, and hydrated. In some communities, water contaminated due to poor sanitation means fear of disease epidemics such as cholera and typhoid. While in other areas, stagnant water is a breeding ground for other deadly diseases like malaria, dengue, and chikungunya.

UNDP is committed to ensuring that every Yemeni’s basic human right to access safe, sufficient, and affordable water, and that their sanitation and hygiene is possible.

Together with our partners, UNDP works to repair and improve water systems across the country – including drinking water reservoirs, water networks, and sewage systems to prevent disease epidemics and keep the streets of Yemen safe and clean.

Water for Yemen's Youngest

"Water is good for muscles, brain, and for better thinking" - Moustafa
"Everything lives with water" - Lamar
"I love fish, and fish only live in water" - Mohammed
"Water = Life!" - Sama
"Without water, we cannot survive." - Omar
"No life without water." - Shahd
"Water is important so people and animals can drink." - Janat


"With water, people and plants can drink and wash." - Jana
"I love our pomegranate tree! I need to water it daily so that it lives." - Ashraf

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